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Craft of Teaching Beyond Marks!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

When it comes to teaching then I think each and every educator knows very well that how to facilitate a particular content or concept with purposeful instruction to produce proper

learning outcome. According to Joyce, Weil and Calhoun(2003), there are four models of teaching/instructions which can help educators to connect with students so that there is an active participation from teacher as well as students for co-constructing the success criteria with students. Beside facilitating the knowledge an educator must guide students that if they have done any mistake or scored less then it is the time to focus on inadequacy and develop a mindset of fail forward that means learning from mistakes to succeed in academics.

At MoreThanMarks with our own unique 4Q lesson plan which is completely in sync with laws of learning by educational psychologist, E.L. Thorndike and informs the educators to know, How to follow them in the classroom that define solid teaching and learning practices and do motivate the educators to go deep, explore the theory behind the concept and reach beyond classroom to make learning effective for long-term retention in students by following their teacher soul and be an inspiration and motivation to students.

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