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Satisfying Career

Score Good ! Score Good ! Score Good !

Why some parents focus on this only ?

Why kids are in hurry to rote learn & score good to make their parent feel proud ?

Is it really a proud moment for parent ?

We all know very well that 5-fingre of our hand are not equal, but this does not mean that only one finger is useful and the other fingers are not. Every finger has its own role and foundation functions. Students are also like that, No-one is less than anyone, and it is always said that God has given some quality to each and everyone of us, we just need to find our purpose, interest and that very unique quality. A student may be perfect in Math but might not be in English or vice versa. But it is not necessary that every student needs to be good at studies 'some students can be good in drawing, sports, dance, etc. What if every student will do the job, than who will be become a singer, player or dancer. Other sectors also need youth. If a student is weak in studies, than who knows! he or she may be the next MS. Dhoni or Mohana Singh. Some student would have taken the initiative to make history, not a future .

Well...!! I am not saying that study is not important, but it is not necessary for every student to be good in studies . A person should do what he likes to do. Sometimes, people like, Milkha Singh, Sachin Tendulkar, Avani Chaturvedi and many more, were and are born to add STAR to our country.

  • When passion becomes career, it makes a satisfying career.

Conclusion : JUST THINK BEYOND MORE THAN MARKS and focus on your child interest, let your kid do what he like the most and just support them because your support matters a lot for your kids.

Follow your PASSION.

Like I AM Following MINE....TEACHING!!

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