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Structured Thinking

Learning is a never-ending process. Every person learns and performs reasoning to solve problems with available information, data, and approach, one’s mind understands. But it happens in a way that we barely comprehend. Different people use different approaches to understand and solve a problem. However, some use better approach then others and hence are more successful in life. The difference is in the Structured Thinking that more successful people use.

Structured Thinking is key to learn and apply information in a time efficient manner to solve a problem. Hence teaching style is very critical in developing structured thinking among kids at early stage, to enable them to develop proper reasoning and analytical thinking. Structured thinking is about breaking down a problem statement into smaller parts and then build the solution up. Trick is, to not get overwhelmed with the seemingly complexity and magnanimity of the problem, instead to breakdown the problem into small parts. Then one can reach to a concluding solution, after solving each of the parts of the problem.

For an example, if problem statement is to determine area of the front face of a typical house. It may sound to be a complicated problem to begin with. But if we try to look at it closely, one can see that the shape of the front face of the house can be broken down into few recognizable shapes like a rectangle and probably a semi-circle and then one gets a clue to find area by separately estimating area of the rectangular part and the semi-circular part in the front face of the house. Again, estimation can be based on our life experience of living in a house by which we can at-least roughly estimate length and breadth of the house as we know we are around 4-6 feet tall and, in our reference, we can estimate length and breadth of the house. Point here is that by closely looking at the problem, one was able to break it down into a more solvable parts and then build it up to provide an answer.

At ‘More than Marks’, teachers are well trained to not only teach concepts in math and science but also help learn students to get trained in structured thinking so that they are enabled to solve problems by themselves and succeed in life. Hence by studying at ‘More than marks’, students get much more than just marks by building Structured Thinking, which will help them shape their career ahead.

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