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Your Child is MORE THAN MARKS.

The other day I was having a cup of tea with my family and was enjoying the rains, the doorbell rang. It was our neighbor Mr. Sharma. Holding a box of sweets, he rushed inside and started bragging about how his son has scored 95% in his final examinations. It looked like he came at our place only to show how intelligent his child is. I don't understand what is up with this 95% thing? Why do we consider someone scoring more than 95% as "Intelligent"? I know it is a moment of proud for the parents when their children show exemplary performance in academics and the child's hard work is also there but why do we have to show off about those marks? The other day I was scrolling through Quora and I found this extremely weird question where a person had asked - "How should I deal with my child as he is extremely disinterested in his studies, how will he crack JEE if he behaves like this" and mind you the child was in 5th grade only. This is how terribly mad people are for their children's marks. No doubt why the cases of students committing suicide are increasing day by day. We post about our child's good marks on social media but we don't think about that child who is feeling sad because he hasn't performed well. Just give it a thought, what impact will this one post have on his mind? This is something that needs a thoughtful consideration. We, as parents should not burden our child with the responsibility of scoring exceptionally well rather we should pay heed to their learning needs and concept development. "Each child is different", we have heard this a lot of times but how well do we understand this sentence is something that should be talked about. "Study hard to score more else you will have no future", as parents and teachers, we should never say this to any student. Let your child breathe!

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